Yes, we are open! As always we are here to service our community's needs.
Why are we open? Transportation is without a doubt a necessity. Whether you are making a
trip to the grocery store, delivering food, or are one of our First Responders that are on the
front lines of this crisis, everyone needs to have confidence that their vehicle will be able to get
them where they need to go. The Governor has classified "Auto Repair and Supply" as an
essential business and we plan to continue providing the best possible service to the people
that need it.
In an effort to protect customers that are more vulnerable to COVID-19, between the hours of
9AM and 10 AM we will be providing service exclusively for people that the CDC has
designated "higher risk" (see for guidelines).
We are taking all of the necessary steps to provide a safe and clean environment for both
customers and employees. The first thing all of our employees are doing is practicing social
distancing. Handshakes, high-fives, and even hugs are not uncommon things to see on a
showroom floor after a customer has purchased a vehicle, however for now and into the
foreseeable future all physical contact has been eliminated.
Some other best practices we are implementing at Falls Motor City are:
• Desks and phones wiped down every two hours
• Wear gloves any time we enter a customer vehicle for any reason
• Employees are told to stay home if they are sick or exhibiting any symptom of COVID-19
• Meetings now held in showroom to provide more space between employees
• Customer paperwork now done in conference room to provide more space for customer and
Finance Manager
• Magazines removed from customer waiting area
• Vending machines, coffee machine, and water dispenser wiped down hourly
• Hand sanitizer located at cashier
• Showroom vehicles moved to enable proper social distancing
• Salespeople no longer accompany customers on test drives
Additional hygienic standards that all employees are expected to adhere to:
• Take temperature every day before coming in to work or upon arrival and log it with manager
on duty
• Wash hands as frequently as necessary
• Cough into your elbow
• Touch face as little as possible
We are also committed to providing customers with a contact-free buying experience if they so
desire! If you would like to have your new vehicle delivered to you we will gladly provide this
service! Please discuss this option with one of our sales consultants if you are interested in
purchasing a car remotely.