The Exciting Arrival of the All-New Jeep Gladiator

As the first pickup truck to carry the Trail Rated designation, the Jeep Gladiator boasts unmatched capabilities in its class. Falls Motor City in Cuyahoga Falls, OH is excited to unveil this all-new vehicle that offers great off-road performance and all-season utility.

When it comes to water fording, no other trucks can match the attributes of the Gladiator. This versatile model can roll through a maximum depth of 30 inches. You won't have to search for alternative routes when you encounter streams, creeks, and rivers during your off-road adventures. Special waterproof sealants protect the chassis and electrical components in this durable model.

A ground clearance of just more than 11.0 inches is another parameter that certainly helps this Jeep pickup get the Trail Rated recognition. You can confidently drive over obstacles that would otherwise stop most passenger vehicles. Robust suspension systems also reduce damage to the body after driving over logs, branches, and rocks.

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