The Chrysler Mopar Vehicle Service Offers Comprehensive Coverage

It can be hard for purchasers of new or nearly new vehicles to know where to turn in terms of accessing the maximum levels of warranty coverage. Luckily, here at our Falls Motor City location, we take the time to inform our customers and others about their post-purchase protection options. One great option that many have taken advantage of is the Chrysler Mopar Vehicle Protection service. This system offers warranty protection enhancements for drivers of a large number of vehicle models.

In addition to offering access to certified and trained technicians and genuine parts, the Chrysler Mopar service also offers coverage for literally thousands of vehicle components. The two major plans offered to Mopar members are the Added Care Plus plan and the Maximum Care plan. The Added Care Plus plan offers coverage for at least 850 vehicle parts, and it also offers many other benefits. These benefits include first-day rental allowances that give Mopar members up to $35 for car rental services during vehicle breakdowns.

The Maximum Care plan increases this covers level to 5,000 components. It also offers many valuable extras, and these include key fob replacement coverage and roadside assistance protection. The Mopar plan offers up to $600 for repairs or replacements of damaged or lost key fobs. Vehicle owners who have lost their keys far from home can well imagine the value of this service.

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