The Ram ProMaster City is as Capable as You Are

Since it comes from a line of classy European cargo vehicles, the Ram ProMaster City isn't like any other vehicle you'd find in the US when it comes to capability features. The 178 horsepower 2.4-liter engine might look underpowered to some, but this four-cylinder motor is a beast that also packs excellent fuel economy. The low-key prime mover is an excellent performer that doesn't make a ton of noise.

You could say that about almost every capability feature the Ram ProMaster City has to offer. Integrated cargo tie-downs, nine-speed automatic transmission and big powerful headlights aren't meant to be flashy. They're meant to work hard while staying out of the driver's way.

Currently, the ProMaster City is offered in one of two different configurations. You can opt for either the passenger wagon or cargo van versions of this stalwart cargo vehicle. If you're looking for something that works every bit as hard as you do, then you need to have a look at the capability features of the Ram ProMaster City at Falls Motor City.

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