Give Your Transmission Some TLC Today

One of the most important mechanical components of your vehicle is the transmission. Whether it is automatic or manual, it provides the necessary gears that enable your car to accelerate and decelerate properly. Without a transmission, your engine would likely exceed the necessary RPMs (or “redline”), causing damage to the engine.

Fluid inside the transmission helps to maintain proper temperature and keep components lubricated. Over time, the fluid begins to break down and retain microscopic particles that are released as the gears and other parts move. If the fluid is not changed, your transmission will begin to work improperly by missing gears, shifting roughly, and creating a burning odor, among other problems.

To keep a smooth ride, bring your car in to Falls Motor City in Cuyahoga Falls for a professional transmission service. Our multi-point process ensures that your transmission is freed of clogs and dirt and is filled with high-quality fluid. Call us today for an early appointment!

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