What Does an Alternator Do?

The original spark that gets your vehicle going is supplied by the battery. Once running, the alternator takes over, and with the help of the engine, it continues to act as a generator that keeps your system charged while the car is running. A belt connects the alternator and the engine.

You have very little to worry about with a typical alternator. They don’t require regular service like other parts on your car, and they typically last at least 8 years. When they do start failing, however, it’s imperative to get it serviced as soon as you can. Because the alternator keeps the battery charged, once it dies, the battery will hold a charge from a jump, but only until the car is shut off. You won’t be able to drive at night, as the alternator isn’t there to supply the electrical system what it needs to function properly.

We don’t want to see you stranded. Stop in to our service center and have one of our service technicians at Falls Motor City take a look when you’re in Cuyahoga Falls.

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