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Falls Motor City

4100 State Rd
Directions Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223

  • Sales: (888) 608-6074
  • Service: (888) 739-0711
  • Parts: (888) 533-5986


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  • Steve Parker

    Steve has been with the Hrnchar Automotive Group for almost 18 years.  He has worked in nearly every facet of the business, including Sales, Finance, Sales Management, and now as Managing Partner.  He lives in Medina with his wife, Katie, and their three kids, Zach, Ellie, and Luke.  He recently decided to learn how to play golf and is always up for a good golf conversation.  Just don't ask him what his best round is...it's a sore subject.

  • Gary Milan

  • Cole Morgan
    General Sales Manager

    Cole has been with the Hrnchar Automotive Group for 12 years (with one small break)!  Cole has experience in both Sales and Financing.  Cole is a HUGE Cleveland sports fan, even though he's not technically from Ohio (he will debate this with you)!  In his spare time, when he isn't chasing after his two children Desmond and Charlotte, he's usually cheering with all his heart for whatever Ohio team is playing! He lives in Medina with his wife Jessica.  If you ever walk into the dealership and hear someone yell, "Let's get you rolling!" it's probably Cole! He has helped thousands of customers get rolling in his years here!

    Cole Morgan

  • Mike Pedone
    New Vehicle Sales Manager

    Mike has been with Falls Motor City since it's inception!  He is experienced in all sales operations within the dealership, including Sales, Financing, and Sales Management!  Like most of the staff, he loves his Cleveland Browns, for better or worse!  When he's not working on Sunday you can find him trying to find the silver lining in this week's game!  He enjoys spending time with his Wife and two boys as well!

  • Bill Foster
    Used Car Manager

    Bill has been with Falls Motor City for 6 years, and is responsible for the tremendous growth our Used Car Department has seen in recent years!  Bill just seems to know everyone!  I guess his outgoing and friendly personality has made him quite a few friends along the way, and he counts all his customers among them!  Bill enjoys working out and spending time playing with his numerous toys when he's not at the dealership! If you come in to the dealership and don't recognize Bill right away, don't feel bad, you're not alone!  Bill has really slacked in the weight lifting department lately and has become much much smaller than he used to be. Just ask for Bill and we will point you in the right direction! Bill lives in Wadsworth with his wife Jen and their children.

  • Matt Milan
    Fixed Operations Manager

    Matt has been around the car business since he was wearing diapers!  He has been part of or worked in most every area of the dealership!  Matt also enjoys music, and can usually be spotted on his Harley when the weather is nice!

  • Bobby Cruse
    Finance Manager

    Bobby is a former track star for the University of Kent!  He was invited to the Olympic Trials, and still holds the MAC Championship Meet record in the 100 meter dash!  After he hung up his track shoes, he mastered the car business!  He has years of experience in Sales and Finance here at Falls Motor City!  Bobby has so many repeat customers, it's a good thing he's quick, cause he doesn't have much free time running from customer to customer!

    Bobby Cruse

  • Chris Richardson
    Finance Manager

    Chris has been with the dealership for several years, and has experience both in Sales and Finance!  Chris is probably the most laid back employee at Falls Motor City!  He also actually used to be a pretty good golfer too, but not so much these days.  Shhhhh...he doesn't know.

  • Julie Morhidge
    Finance Manager

  • Tony Varn
    Finance Manager

  • Andy Howard
    Internet Sales Manager

    Andy will be quick to let you know that he's probably the best looking employee at Falls Motor City!  He has been part of the Hrnchar Automotive Group for nearly 20 years, and is the resident "internet guru." He is in charge of all things related to the dealership's web presence, and has helped the dealership nearly double in size over the past few years!  He lives in Medina with his wife Sabrena, and their five children, Emily, Jenna, Jacob, Audrey, and Dante. In his spare time, he is very involved in his church.  He also is an avid collector of guns, meat, and Basset Hounds.

    Andy Howard

  • Melissa Davidson
    Office Manager

  • Dawn Depiro
    Title Clerk

  • Dave McGraw
    Internet Sales Manager

    Mac is one of our most experienced and knowledgeable Salespeople!  Mac handles most email leads and our growing Commercial Vehicle Department!  He is valued by our whole staff for his ability to answer just about any product question, as well as his delicious homemade food he lets us enjoy from time to time!  He is also a valued member of the dealership's "Cheese Club"!  When not at work, he is an avid hunter and also enjoys spending time with his wife and family!

  • Jerome Gordon

    Rome, as we like to call him, has been a staple at the dealership for years!  He has a tremendous reputation for how well he takes care of his large customer base!  He even has his own fan page on Facebook!  Rome also likes to race motorcycles on his spare Summer days!  When he's not on the bike track, he enjoys working on his motorcycles and spending time with his wife and family!

  • Greg Mordew

    Greg has been with the dealership for several years, and his easy going and laid back demeanor has earned him hundreds of customers!  Usually one of the first people to work everyday, Greg is counted on by his peers to answer several "silly questions" daily! Luckily Greg is such a friendly guy he doesn't mind too much!

  • George Siegman

    George is the second half of our growing Commercial Vehicle Department!  As a knowledgeable and experienced Salesperson, he has been a cornerstone of our Sales Department for many years!  

  • Kevin Davis

    Kevin is without a doubt one of the most giving people you will ever know!  He is constantly involved in charity work and volunteering for numerous different causes! Kevin has an electric personality, but is also one the biggest joksters here at the dealership!  He is one of the top salespeople, but also one of the most helpful!  His laugh is also one of the most recognizable things about Falls Motor City, much to the 
    detriment of Sweet Lou, who is stuck sitting next to him all day!  When not at work or involved with charity work, Kevin is an enormous hockey fan, whether it be Akron University or the NHL!

    Kevin Davis

  • Josh Palmer

    Josh is one of a few employees who has been with Falls Motor City since it's inception!  Josh's laid back personality has won the favor of hundreds of customers!  Usually the first person here in the morning and the last to leave, he is a tireless worker on behalf of his large customer base!  Josh is a huge sports fan!  In his time away from the office, he enjoys spending time with his wife and family!

  • Scott Mancabelli

  • Lou Patton

    Lou goes by "Sweet Lou" here at the dealership!  He has been a valuable member of our sales team for a few years now, but has been around the car business for many years!  Sweet Lou likes to mock the younger guys for being in better shape then they are, and for good reason, because he really is!  An avid golfer and runner, Sweet Lou likes to spend his free time outdoors!  Unfortunately for Sweet Lou, his desk is located next to the two biggest clowns in the dealership.  It's his calm and laid back demeanor that has helped hundreds of customers, as well as helping him keep his sanity dealing with Kevin and Andy all day!

  • Dan Olson

  • Scott Jacobs

    Scott has been with the dealership for several years!  He is also one of the top Sales Consultants!  Scott has helped thousands of customers in his time here! His daily arguments with Mike also provide many laughs for the rest of the staff! 

  • Dave Custer

    Dave is one of the top salespeople at the dealership!  His previous career as a bartender has given him a very large following of loyal customers and he strives to never let them down!  He also goes by the nickname Quincy here at the dealership.  If you don't know why you should ask him the story the next time you stop in to see him...it's a REALLY good story! 

  • Mike Hugill

    Mike has been with the dealership for several years, and has grown to be one of the top performing sales consultants!  Mike has such an easy going personality and tremendous work ethic on behalf of his customers!  Mike goes by the nickname Hugillhoff here at the dealership!  Next time you are in ask him to see his High School Senior picture and you'll quickly realize why!

  • Sam Mayti

  • Ross Milicin

  • Vincent Orlandi

  • Keith Hamilton

  • Richard Ulanowski
    Part Manager

  • Tim Atkinson
    Service Department Foreman

  • Betsy Moles
    Service Writer

  • Joe Brown
    Service Advisor

  • Dave Milan
    Service Advisor

  • Suzette Bader
    Service Advisor

  • Ashley Stankavich
    Warranty Administrator

  • Anthony Meeks
    Service Porter

  • William Weist
    Parts Advisor

  • David Newsome
    Parts Advisor

  • Tyler Stankavich
    Parts Department

  • Jason Gidley
    Master Technician

  • Rick Norris
    Certified Technician

  • Andy O'Brien
    Certified Technician

  • Mike Truxal
    Certified Technician

  • Vidal Montero
    Master Technician

  • Dennis Smith
    Master Technician

  • Norm McCreery III
    Certified Technician

  • Mike Meeks
    Certified Technician

  • Matt Cornett
    Certified Technician

  • Bryan Kasserman
    Certified Technician

  • Carl Young
    Parts Advisor

  • Dom James
    Express Lane

  • Louise Woods

  • Amanda Marzano

  • Angela Lutz

  • Jerry Babcock

  • Dan Canterbury
    Shuttle Driver

  • BillyRay Bradley
    Express Lane Technician

  • Matt Ramsey
    Detail Supervisor

  • Will Heltzel
    Detail Department

  • Eric Guy
    Detail Department